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Why Retained Search

Why Retained Executive Search

Torch Group excels at retained executive search, focusing on finding the right senior management, executive and c-level talent for mission-critical roles in the marketing and sales arena. Unlike a contingency recruiting firm, which typically focuses on low- to mid-level searches and casts a wide net through online ads and postings or recirculates people in the hopes of quick hire; Torch Group hones in on best-in-class, happily-employed candidates by first creating a search environment of companies with the right geo-demographics in the right industries and then using targeted research to identify potential candidates that have the functional and soft-skills to be a great, long-term fit.

Utilizing our proven, 8-step Signature Search Process we limit the number of searches that each of our consultants work on, put two sets of eyes on every candidate and conduct in-depth, competency-based behavioral interviews to assure A PERFECT FIT™. This superior level of service yields more precise results. Only candidates that are fully-qualified with the right level of technical expertise, cultural fit, achievement track record, and ability to collaborate and lead, and are interested and motivated in our clients’ opportunities are presented. This results in more satisfaction from both the clients’ and candidates’ perspectives.

While retained executive search firms may charge a slightly higher fee than that of a contingency firm, clients find the level of expertise within a particular functional area, depth of process and the capacity to conduct a deeper dive in understanding and evaluating each candidate, saves time, money and resources that clients would have to spend internally to sort through all of unqualified candidates presented by these other recruiters; yielding a much greater return on the recruiting fee investment.

The retained executive search firms that stand apart from their competitors provide clients with candidates that have functional, operational, and cultural alignment. This is what makes the marginally higher cost of retained search well worth the investment.

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