Consider Retained Search

Why Retained Executive Search?

Torch Group excels at retained executive search. We are focused on finding the right executive, senior management, and C-level talent for mission-critical positions that require a depth and understanding of marketing and sales.

A contingency search firm, which typically focuses on low- to mid-level searches, ONLY get paid after a successful placement. A retained search firm gets engaged to conduct and fill  more thorough searches for high-level executive personnel, and gets compensated along the way for the time, experience, and expertise in identifying, recruiting, and thoroughly evaluating successfully-employed passive candidates.

Because of the deep time commitment, Torch Group limits the number of search assignments that each top executive recruiter works on to 3-4 at a time and fill 92% of our searches. By comparison, a contingency recruiter can work on 15-18 searches at a time, filling 10%-20% of these jobs.

While retained executive search firms may charge a slightly higher fee than that of a contingency firm, clients find the level of expertise within a particular practice area, depth of process, and the capacity to conduct a deeper dive in understanding and evaluating each candidate, saves them time, money, and personnel resources. Additionally, the level of feedback and insight from seasoned-search consultants yield a much greater return on the recruiting fee investment.

Retained search firms, like ours, commit to fully understanding the functional responsibilities of each position and the cultural environment of the client. Unlike contingency recruiters, Torch Group only presents a slate of 3-4 candidates that are fully-vetted and qualified with the right level of technical expertise, values, soft skills, and achievement and are interested and motivated in each client’s opportunity. This is what makes the marginally higher cost of retained search well worth the investment.

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Attracting Passive Candidates That Are A PERFECT FIT™

We know that qualified, happily-employed executives who are not actively searching for new positions, typically make the best candidates. However, they are difficult to find and it’s even more challenging to recruit and convince them to look at new opportunities.

But we believe these candidates are better performers and leaders than active job seekers and are worth the extra resources and efforts it takes to identify and engage them. As such, we have placed a premium on our team of full-time, seasoned researchers and recruiters that focus their efforts on just such high-potential people.

Today’s typical recruiting environment uses more sourcing channels than ever before including databases, job boards, social networks, and career sites. However, Torch Group’s retained search process always begins by creating a source environment, targeting passive candidates and understanding the motivations and needs of these happily-employed executives to create a meaningful dialogue that they respond to.

If you are interested in learning more about how we successfully fill positions with passive candidates and guarantee them for one full year, let’s talk.

Ready to find your PERFECT FIT?