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Torch Group provides executive search services in Salt Lake City, Utah, and across the country. For more information or to get started, call a Client Solutions Team member at 1-833-99-TORCH (86724) or email us at info@torchgroup.com

Salt Lake City Executive Search Consultants

Our Services

Torch Group is a national executive search firm with strong expertise and broad experience in filling key executive roles, from VP’s and Directors to the C-Suite, across such diverse industries as Building Products, Software and Technology, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, and Foodservice. Our shrewd business intelligence, core functional knowledge, and complex understanding of people allow us to identify, recruit, and acquire passive top talent in a unique way, utilizing our proven Signature Search Process.

We target five core functional practice areas: 

Marketing Management and Marketing Communications: With broad backgrounds in B2B and consumer marketing and marketing communications, we know what is required of a successful candidate for a top marketing or marketing communications position such as VP, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Marketing Communications Director, or Customer Experience Officer.

Sales and Business Development: The most successful sales and business development executives are able to set aggressive yet reachable goals and lead their teams to perform at their best under difficult circumstances. At Torch Group, we merge our sales expertise, industry contacts, and research abilities to find the right leaders for roles such as VP, Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO), National Sales Manager, or Sales Director,

Corporate Communications and PR: We know the important role your corporate communications and PR executives play in your company’s success, and we have the contacts and industry experience needed to recruit the strongest candidates. Whether you need a Chief Communications Officer (CCO) or a Director of Media Relations, Torch Group is here for you.

Product Management and Development: Product management and development executives have many different responsibilities. To be successful, they must be highly skilled in analyzing market conditions, defining a differentiated and value-added product vision, and guiding the product’s entire lifecycle. Our decades of experience help us acquire the right talent for a position such as VP of Product Development, Director of Product Management, or Chief Innovation Officer (CIO).

Digital and Social: Our newest functional practice area, Digital and Social positions blend our extensive experience in placing sales, marketing, and communications executives with our rapid adoption of emerging technology. We know how to find just who you need for such vital positions as VP of Digital Services, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), or Digital Marketing Manager.

Our Process

At Torch Group, we believe that a candidate’s knowledge, skills, and experience are not enough on their own. The right person also fits with your company’s values and has the soft skills to reach the highest levels of success. That’s why we created our proven, eight-step Signature Search Process™: 

  •         Client intake and discovery
  •         Custom search strategy
  •         Passive candidate research
  •         Candidate calibration review
  •         Direct sourcing and recruiting
  •         Candidate evaluations and presentations
  •         References and offer
  •         Post-hire check-ins

First, we identify 150 strong candidates. As we work through each step, we narrow the list until we get to just 2 to 3 fully vetted finalists. You will receive not only each candidate’s resume, but also a comprehensive written interview report that includes our thoughts on that candidate’s career potential, strengths, developmental needs, and potential organizational fit.

About Torch Group

We are not just another Salt Lake City executive search firm. At Torch Group, we are careful to ensure that everything we do is guided by our core values: Caring, Integrity, Thoughtfulness, Drive, and Team Orientation. With our proprietary search process and our strong background and knowledge in our core functional practice areas, this commitment provides us with success and retention rates far above industry standards. No matter which finalist you choose, he or she is sure to become a key member of your executive team.

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