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Not quite ready for a full-time executive or senior level hire?

Perhaps your business is still evolving or your marketing budget does not yet allow for the full-time or permanent addition of the kind of talent that you need to take your business to the next level. Whatever the reason, Torch Group can help fill the gap with highly qualified consultants.

Drawing on our extensive network of marketing, sales, and communications professionals, we provide our clients with experienced and vetted consultants who have just the right degree of industry expertise for the task at hand, whether it be strategic or tactical, operational or technical, support oriented or mission critical.

If you’re simply looking for short-term consulting help or if you need longer term access to senior level professional expertise, Torch Group can help.

Consulting Advantages

  • Access to senior-level strategic marketing, sales and communications experts
  • Onsite functional and industry experts: MBAs, PhDs and Six Sigma Black Belts
  • Ready availability of otherwise unaffordable or unavailable senior-level talent
  • Outside expertise to provide fresh input regarding strategic solutions, direction and issue resolution
  • Ability to develop marketing and sales plans in the short-term that nevertheless build competitive long-term advantages

Do you have a temporary need for talent?

Torch Group understands that organizations sometimes undergo periods of transition. Whether your temporary need results from workload peaks, a hiring freeze or any circumstance requiring unusual flexibility, Torch Group offers you staffing services to fill interim marketing, communications and sales roles.

With a search practice of local, regional and national scope, Torch Group has an extensive database of local talent in major markets throughout the country. Our network of highly specialized marketing, communications and sales professionals, senior managers, and executives are readily available on short notice for projects and interim contract assignments. Whether you are looking for a contributor or an entire team and have tactical or higher level strategic work needs, Torch Group can find you the talent that you require.

Benefits of Interim Staffing

  • Capacity to handle workload fluctuations
  • Readily available expertise when you most need it
  • Maximum budget efficiency
  • Access to teams of specialists for specific marketing, sales and communications needs