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Torch Group services a variety of key industries including food service, hospitality, and food & beverageconsumer products & retailconstruction & building materials; software & technology; private equity, and commercial & industrial manufacturing. While we place executives in a variety of key leadership roles, our business started with and evolved from a core focus on the functional practice areas within marketing management & communications, sales & business development, corporate communications & PR, and product management & development, and now, digital & social, within these key industry practice areas. Our leadership team possesses a broad range of experience in these professional functions and business sectors, enabling us to maximize our reach and identify the right talent that will have a positive impact on our clients’ strategic goals and growth.

We focus on really honing in on the skills that are best suited to offer our clients. We do what we are best at: Concentrating on limited searches with a limited functional and industry scope. Torch Group provides clearly defined services and, as a result, we believe we are the best at what we do. The ability to successfully deliver the most qualified professionals has earned us loyalty from candidates and clients. We’ve earned the opportunities to help grow companies finding, evaluating, and recruiting the right results-oriented executives creating A PERFECT FIT™ every time.

We’ve Helped Hundreds of Clients Nationwide Find A PERFECT FIT™

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