Flexible Fee Approach

Executive Search Fee Structure Agreement PicTorch Group is committed to providing our clients with an exceptional experience that stresses quality across the multiple dimensions of service delivery in retained executive search, including structuring of financial contracts for each client assignment. This is why we have adopted a Flexible Fee Approach that represents our commitment to delivering the greatest value for our executive search services.

Torch Group strives to make its fee structure and recruiting and hiring costs as transparent and predictable as possible.  We understand that not all matters are the same and we will work with you to provide quality search work without unnecessary expense.  We want you to hire us for your search assignments, but we also want to earn your trust and confidence.  For this reason, our firm encourages clients to explore a billing arrangement that suits their goals and circumstances, including traditional and modified rates and alternative fee arrangements such as a flat fee, modified retainer fees and hybrid arrangements. Our fees are tailored to meet your unique needs, your goals, and the nature of your search assignment.

We believe that a relationship between a search firm and a client should reflect a true partnership, forged with trust and a sense of common purpose. For us, this means that when we look at structuring a fee, we are cognizant of the realities in the candidate marketplace mapped against the selection criteria. With this understanding, we strive to create a fee structure that will ensure delivery on the most important attributes our clients want in a search partner, is competitive in the marketplace and is milestone and results-driven while being fair to us and sensitive to your budget.

Our Flexible Fee Approach, with our one-year guarantee on all placed candidates, ensures that a contractual structure reflecting a true partnership is created, and the greatest value to our clients is delivered with an emphasis on quality and performance.

If you are interested in learning more about our fee structures, how we successfully fill positions, the average length of time it takes, and our one-year guarantee, let’s talk.

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