Cleveland, OH

Working with an Executive Search Firm

How can you best work with an executive search firm as a potential candidate?

Have you reached out to a search firm only to not receive a call back? Don’t be discouraged. Like nearly all retained executive search firms, Torch Group is engaged by the hiring company to find candidates who are optimally suited to fill identified leadership position, not to find jobs for candidates.

We judge a candidate’s suitability for a role based not just on experience and skills. Instead, we determine whether a candidate is likely to be a “perfect fit” for the hiring organization based on its culture, mission, values, management team and leadership style.

This requires us to start our search process by looking at the right industries and companies that align with each client’s specific needs and then identify individuals in those companies who have the right background, experience and competencies.

When you reach out to an executive search firm, there is a very low likelihood that they will be working on a position that is a fit for you and therefore, why you may not hear from them in a timely manner. However, if you are selected as a potential candidate, you can expect to experience a transparent interview and evaluation process whereby we will provide you with candid information regarding the position requirements, company atmosphere, and expectations.

If you believe that you may be qualified for one of our search assignments or are interested in being contacted regarding future assignments, please contact us via our Website and upload a current résumé. You may also email us at

Our search team frequently checks our database to evaluate potential candidates. If you are a match for a current position, one of our search consultants will be in touch to present that opportunity and set up an in-depth interview.

We thank you for reaching out to Torch Group.