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Torch Group is a national executive search firm with hands-on, deeply experienced principals and search consultants that excel at providing their expertise in filling C-level, EVP, SVP, VP and Director-level roles in the key functional areas of marketing, sales, communications and product management. We know these functional areas inside and out and along with our business acumen and people insights; we are able to identify, recruit, evaluate, and acquire top talent in a way that others simply can’t.

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Executive Search

Torch Group’s Signature Search Process TM and competency-based behavioral interviews allow us to find passive C-level, EVP, SVP, VP and Director-level candidates with just the right mix of leadership ability and cultural fit for our clients’ business organizations. We understand how important it is to find someone with not only the right background, experience and skill sets but we also know that it is crucial to assure that the candidate’s values and ‘soft skills’ are in alignment with our client’s unique business environment. When we reach out to executive-level candidates to present them with a new career opportunity, we strive to understand their motivations and why they are considering a new role within a new company. As a result, since 1990, we have been retained to help client executives, boards of Directors, and human resources departments within our key practice areas and served industries recruit C-level, EVP, SVP, VP and Director-level candidates including but not limited to:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Chief Sales Officer (CMO)
  • President
  • General Manager
  • Executive Vice President
  • Executive Director
  • EVP/SVP/VP’s of Marketing
  • EVP/SVP/VP’s of Sales
  • EVP/SVP/VP’s of Communications
  • EVP/SVP/VP’s of Product Management
  • Directors of Marketing
  • Directors of Sales
  • Directors of Communications
  • Directors of Product Management

We Find The Best Executive-Level Talent

  • 25 years of executive recruiting experience
  • Deep functional expertise
  • Extensive business acumen
  • Exceptional people insights
  • Competency-based behavioral interviewing
  • Personalized service


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