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When finding the right C-level executive can’t be left to chance.

Timing is important in a C-level search, but finding the candidate that is A PERFECT FIT™ is even more critical. Torch Group’s success rate for hiring these executives with leadership, longevity, and contributions to growth and profitability is unmatched. 

For nearly three decades, we have been retained to provide expert talent solutions that help our clients and their management teams, boards of directors, and talent acquisition departments, within our key industry practice areas, recruit and evaluate senior, executive and C-level, mission-critical positions that require a depth and understanding of marketing and sales.

Our C- and executive level search team focuses on CEO’s and COO’s and their C, SVP, VP, and Director level functional direct reports in marketing, advertising, sales, business development, customer experience, e-business, product management, innovations, digital marketing, communications and public relations.

We understand how important it is to find someone with not only the right background and experiences, but an individual who also possesses the core values, leadership, management, interpersonal, communications and soft skills that align with each client’s unique culture and environment. When we speak with executive candidates about a potential new opportunity, we first understand their underlying motivations and long-term career goals before we even think about evaluating them for a potential fit. This helps ensure that we are contributing to a mutually beneficial long-term, invested relationship

Ready to find your PERFECT FIT?


Positions successfully filled include:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
  • Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
  • Chief Customer Officer (CCO)
  • Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)
  • Chief Product Development Officer (CPDO)
  • Chief Innovations Officer (CINO)
  • Chief Communications Officers (CCO)
  • Public Relations Officers (PRO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • President
  • General Manager
  • Executive Vice President
  • Executive Director

Recent executive placements include:

  • Chief Executive Officer of a $100 million B2B data information services company
  • Chief Sales Officer of a $50 million payment services company
  • Chief Business Development Officer for a leading provider of loyalty and relationship programs
  • Chief Product Officer for a leading provider of loyalty and relationship programs
  • Senior Vice President, Strategic Client Management for a leading provider of loyalty and relationship programs
  • Senior Vice President Marketing for a leading provider of loyalty and relationship programs
  • Vice President Product Management, Bank Loyalty for a leading provider of loyalty and relationship
  • Development Vice Presidents for one of the nation’s largest providers of advanced wound care services
  • Vice President of Operations for a privately-owned national frozen dessert manufacturer
  • Vice President, Sales & Marketing of a $10 million employee workforce management company
  • Vice President, Marketing for a foodservice chain of ice cream parlors
  • Vice President, Sales for the world leader in commercial plumbing systems and hardware
  • Vice President, Sales for a cloud-based catalog and quotation application for the foodservice equipment industry
  • Vice President, Sales for a leader in transaction-based solutions including printers, terminals and software
  • Vice President, Foodservice Sales for a world leader in recycled packaging
  • VP of Digital Marketing for the leading manufacturer of vehicle breathalyzer interlocks
  • General Manager for a national chain of home service and repair contractors
  • General Manager for an automated fresh, refrigerated food processing facility
  • Executive Communications Director for one of Ohio’s largest public universities
  • Director, Product and Channel Management for a billion-dollar manufacturer of building materials
  • Sales & Marketing Director for a manufacturer of pneumatic conveying and exhaust systems
  • Director, Brand & Marketing Communications for a billion-dollar manufacturer of building materials
  • Director of Information Technology for a leading food processor to the foodservice and retail markets
  • Director of Business Technology Delivery Services for a publicly owned electric utilities company

Why Choose Torch Group?

Today’s competitive recruiting environment requires more certainty in candidates. The cost is too great and time too valuable for organizations to take risks in hiring. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in our core practice areas, as well as our proven methodology, our success and retention rates are higher than industry averages.

Torch Group’s process focuses heavily on identifying and evaluating passive candidates within sales, marketing, and communications. Our proprietary, repeatable Signature Search Process™ gives you the confidence to successfully hire the best qualified executive for the role. So we are able to present executive talent who are not only contributors and leaders, but uniquely suited to your corporate culture. We guarantee it!

Ready to find your PERFECT FIT™?