Executive Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Torch Group’s senior leadership team brings decades of executive talent search experience in various roles and industries to ensure A PERFECT FIT™ every time.

This team developed our proprietary, proven, and repeatable 8-step Signature Search Process™, which includes our competency- and values-based video interviews to further understand situational behaviors that provide deep candidate insights. As a result, this method ensures a more productive, longer-term employee relationship within each client’s unique culture.

With human resources and talent acquisition training at Fortune 500 companies, our consultative search team has gained invaluable experience, acumen and critical candidate insights that has enabled us to access and present better, more-invested candidates. And with three decades of executive search experience and first-hand knowledge of the marketing, sales, product management, digital, and communications functions, we are able to reduce wasted resources and effort.

Ronald S. Torch, Founder, President, and CEO
Specialties: Foodservice, Food & Beverage, Retail & Consumer, Marketing & Sales

Ron is widely respected as a leading executive search consultant to the food service, food equipment, and hospitality industries. He is well known for his distinguished career in consumer products and packaged goods marketing and sales. Prior to starting the Torch Group, he held marketing and sales positions in Fortune 100 consumer products, foodservice, and B2B corporations and agencies. He created award-winning marketing, advertising, and promotion campaigns for Seagram's Wine Coolers, Pepsi-Cola, A.1. Steak Sauce, Grey Poupon Mustard, AT&T, Duracell, and Walt Disney Studios, among many others. Consequently, his work garnered prestigious industry awards, like the Golden Effie for the renowned Grey Poupon “Rolls Royce” advertising campaign. Ron earned an M.B.A. in marketing from Indiana University's Kelly School of Business, where he graduated with Honors. Most notably, he was named Outstanding M.B.A. The consummate search consultant, Ron brings a deep expertise to every executive search engagement. He is a popular speaker on a myriad of search topics. Above all, he is a respected and trusted talent adviser to a number of long-standing, well-established clients. Contact Ron directly at RonTorch@TorchGroup.com or 440-519-1822 x101.

Michele Torch, Founder, Executive Vice President, and Chief Talent Officer
Specialties: Human Resources, Search and Talent Evaluation

Michele is responsible for overseeing the firm’s comprehensive Signature Search Process™, shares in the management of the firm's core team of search consultants and researchers, and leads its internal Human Resource (HR) function. She is responsible for managing and conducting the interview process for high-profile clients and their candidates. Her undergraduate and graduate academic experience in the social sciences and her extensive HR experience in Russell 1000 and Fortune 500 companies give her unique perspective for each engagement. Before co-founding Torch Group, she worked for consumer products companies, service providers, and B2B manufacturers. She manages Torch Group's staff of account managers, executive recruiters, researchers, and coordinators. Michele has responsibility for internal hiring, training, policy making, and staff development. Michele direct the firm's comprehensive recruiting process. She conducts and oversees in-depth, competency-based behavioral interviews. Above all, she assures that each client receives only candidates that fit all of the job requirements. Similarly, she ensures the candidate possesses the right set of soft skills to mesh well in the client's culture. In her three decades with the Torch Group, she has successfully placed hundreds of executive-level professionals. Contact Michele by emailing her at MTorch@TorchGroup.com or calling her at 440-519-1822 x102.

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Stuart Glassman, SVP & Practice Leader
Specialties: Marketing & Sales, B2B & B2C, Manufacturing & Distribution
Stuart Glassman joined Torch in 2018 as Senior Executive Search Consultant and in January of 2019 was promoted to Senior Vice President & Practice Leader. Stuart , leveraged his over 25 year career of marketing, advertising, brand building and business development experience across key B2C and B2B verticals, into the executive search business and today leads several key vertical practice areas at Torch Group. In addition to leading key practice areas, Stuart leads all the firm’s marketing efforts, helps drive business development and is part of the firm’s executive leadership team. To contact Stuart, email sglassman@torchgroup.com or call 440-519-1822 x117.