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The Executive Thank You Letter: A Key Component of the Job Search
When it comes to an executive job search, there are so many items job seekers must check off their “to do” lists. Polish their LinkedIn profiles, increase their commitment to networking, modernize their résumé, ensure their online “brand” is optimally presented, develop targeted cover letters, prepare for interviews — the list goes on and on. With such a lengthy list, many job seekers lose steam when it comes time to saying thank you for the interview. Read more….

Additional Tips & Advice

Navigating the Search Process at the C-Level
It’s a common mistake to think that c-level candidates are just as if not even more prepared than their less experienced colleagues and subordinates. Read more….
Looking for your Next Executive Role? Winning Job Search Strategies
It is important to understand the specific search strategies it takes to succeed. The usual tactics alone do not always cut it. Read more…
When a Job Finds You: Tips for the Passive Executive Candidate
Learn more about how to best evaluate a new opportunity when you aren’t necessarily looking for one. Read more…
The Lost Art of the Cover Letter
The cover letter is still a highly regarded accompaniment to any resume but it is often an afterthought that people do not spend much time or effort on. Read more…
Networking Your Way into Your Next Executive Role
So how can you network your way into your next executive role? Read on for tips. Read more…
7 Networking Tips to Help you Make a Lasting Impression
Here are seven networking tips that will help you become a successful networker and make a lasting impression. Read more…

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